Meet The Team


Nicole Hoffman

Co-Founder and CEO

The brainchild behind QUAR Fitness, Nicole has been a fitness instructor in Houston, TX since 2015. Nicole’s passion for fitness began with running. She took it up seriously in college and since then she’s run countless road races, half marathons and five marathons. Recognizing the need to add cross-training to her running routine, Nicole tried Pilates for the first time in 2013 and was immediately hooked. Fast forward a few years, Nicole is now a well known fitness instructor in Houston, TX. She teaches Pilates, has taught indoor cycling and is the Houston City Leader for CARBON38’s ambassador team, Team38 .

In 2020, when the pandemic forced us out of the studios and into our homes, Nicole began teaching online classes via Instagram and Zoom. Nicole loved the access to a greater audience and saw the need for a platform where on-demand classes were available and easily accessible to the masses. Thus, the idea of QUAR Fitness began.

Today, Nicole leads the QUAR Fitness team teaching Pilates Based Fitness and KidFit. She lives in Houston, TX with her husband Justin and their two children.

Justin Hoffman

Co - Founder

A true fitness lover, Justin found his stride with running and never looked back. He is a gifted athlete, having run a myriad of road races, half marathons, marathons, ultra marathons and an Ironman triathlon.

Justin has long worked out from home where creative body movement, low impact exercises and minimal equipment are key. When it comes to strength training, Justin focuses on the whole body, utilizing the wide array of exercises kettle bells provide. It was this in-home training that helped spark the idea for QUAR Fitness.

Today, Justin leads QUAR’s Kettle Bell workouts, which are intense, but completely doable and accessible to all skill levels


The Kids behind KidFit